Safeprobe Inc.

SafeProbe, Inc. is an underground utility location firm Serving the Southern California. The firm is generally engaged by both public and private entities that design, construct, own, control, maintain or repair utility substructures.

Our services are used to locate, ascertain and record the position or condition of underground structures. Most often our services are called upon in conjunction with engineering design and construction projects to determine whether utility substructures are so situated that they may conflict with the planned design or construction of adjacent facilities and, therefore, potentially require their redesign, removal, relocation, replacement, or reconstruction. In other instances, we are engaged to prepare work site traffic control plans for such projects.

SafeProbe utilizes the most technically advanced methods of electronic and acoustic designation to locate the horizontal position of substructure facilities, and employ the latest “non-destructive” high-pressure vacuum excavation equipment to uncover and determine their vertical position or condition. Our technology is quite superior in comparison to traditional methods. It is a safe, non-intrusive and accurate method of utility location. A team of highly trained and experienced professional engineers and technicians manage, operate and support all of our services.

The success we have achieved with our SafeProbe services is firmly based on our commitment to be results-oriented and to complete our projects on time and within budget, regardless of size or complexity. We have accomplished this using state-of-the -arts tools and the experience and technical expertise of our staff, which is continually tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.